10 YOUNG indian PHOTOGRAPHERS ON  INSTAGRAMS you need to know about them
Instagram has made it easy for everyone to publish their photos to and reach to the public. The collection of all these se photographers has change the way of seeing the world.
They are clicking the photos in such a way that every picture shows connection with us and it is difficult to move our eyes from it.
So here is the list of all these 10 awesome photographers of india.
1.   Mr. Varun Aditya: He is an Indian wildlife photographer and an environmentalist.He has also received accolades for his photographs, notably claiming first prize as the National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year 2016. He has also been doing research about animals and nature by taking                                      photographs of them.
2.   Bobby joshi: He is based in Bangalore and is founder of Photography company GoodShotz.
3.   GaneshVanare: He Born in Mumbai and having his photography page in the name of HaramKhor on Instagram.
4.   Sudhir Shivaram: He grew up in Karnataka and became interested in wildlife photography in 1993. he is a full-time photography teacher, conducting Wildlife Photography Tours and Workshops. He was named Sanctuary Asia's "Wildlife Photographer of the Year" for the year 2012. Sudhir Shivaram was one of the brand ambassadors of Canon. He is also the founding member of the non-profit photo sharing site India Nature Watch.

5.   Sachin Rai: He is a professional wildlife photographer from India. He has travelled to many countries in search of rare, elusive and curious animals

6.   Thomas Vijayan: He is an acclaimed Indian photographer and architect. Vijayan has received accolades for his photographs, notably claiming Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015- People’s Choice Award

7.   Nimit Nigam:  He is Indian Very young photopgraher from delhi and Nisi Filters India official ambassador.
8.   Roshani Shah:She is a Indian young photopraher, having her account in the name of Roshagulla at Instagram.
She is socially renowned photographer with 9+ years of photographic experience.
9.   Kunal Malhotra: He is a socially renowned photographer with 9+ years of practical photography experience. Kunal started his journey as a photography enthusiast in 2011 while pursuing Mass Communication. After working for 5 years as a Digital Marketing professional, he quit his job to become a full-time Photography Mentor.

10. Nischay Jain: He is Indian Very young photopgraher running his  account in the name of meinbhiphotographer at instagram.

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