5 things corona virus teaches to us for better life in future

The whole world is suffering from the Corona Virus pandemic and facing various issues from downward of economy and insufficiency of health care facilities. Most of the country who are treating them best in both fields are suffering most due to the disease and the affect is still going on.
The Virus has teaches us many thing and has proved that we still require lots of development for making the world batter and to cope us with any future crises.
These five things has been teaches by this corona pandemic.

1.   An efficient early warning system: through the present situation we have understand that we need a system which alert us before any damage whether by any pandemics and any natural disaster. Whole world should and all the organization should design at framework to achieve the same. 

2.   Up liftmen of Poors Community: Even Today A large number community of people are unable to earn money which can be latest enough for their daily needs. Government should now more focus on the improvement and development of this section of community.

3.   Internet access to all the people of the world: Internet is the lifeline of people in the present days. Students  all across the world can continue their learning from online modes. Internet is now used to avail various facilities online from taking online doctors opinion and to purchase essential goods. Internet also help people to work from home and complete their jobs. 

4.   Medical Healthcare Facilities: although we have done significantly growth in the healthcare facilities but yet  COVID-19 makes us realized that still has to improve alot. We have very less facility of intensive care units across the world. In many cases there is needs to provide health facilities at home of the patient rather  than in hospital for which we have to improve various things in healthcare system.

5.   Economic Sustainability: Many companies suffers due to this pandemic which is leading towards a big slowdown of world economy. Production, Import-export,Transport everything has been shop which results in huge loss to the companies of most of the sectors.

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