How to avoid ATM frauds

How to avoid ATM Skimming ? How to avoid ATM frauds? Is ATM safe for doing withdrawal and online payments? what precautions we should take to avoid any such frauds?

Let's read the article below for all of your questions. 
Various banks across the globe are issuing there guidelines for precautions to  be taken while doing ATM transactions. Many people across the globe the engaged in such ATM fraud activites by which they trap innocent people and steal their hard earned money. 

Incident of ATM frauds are increasing day by day and we are regularly hearing such incident from Media and other resources. We should try to follow all the precautions mentioned below to avoid such frauds

1. Never try to take any help from people standing behind the queue for payment.  They can see your password or exchange your ATM card very quickly before you came to know. And after that it will be easy for them to debit your account very easily. 

2. Before making withdrawal from any ATM  observe the ATM carefully, perticularly the area of inserting card and entering password. Their are chances of having clone device and secret camera. If any suspicious thing could f immediately bring it the notice of concerned bank official. 

3. Do not enter in the ATM when someone already their, watch the reaction carefully standing near the ATM. Avoid using ATM which are placed at lonely area or corner area.

4. Never write your ATM pin behind the ATM CARD and never store it in your mobile phone. Try to memorize it always.

5. Bank officials never ask ATM pin of a customer over phone or in personal. Never tell your ATM pin to anyone in any circumstances. Do not entertain anyone over phone and give your ATM creditentials. 

6. While entering ATM pin st the time of shopping from any store ensure that their is no hidden camera above you. The same can steal your pin  and used later for doing fraudulent transection. 

7. While going to ATM never bear costly  items like jewellery and other ,  the same can motivate criminals to harm  you in ATM Or  outside.

8. Do not take much time in ATM for withdrawal.  Finish your tansections quickly as possible.

9. Check your bank account statement regularly to find out any abnormal trasection. 

10. If you lost your ATM somewhere , block it immediately by contacting customer care toll free number of your bank or contacting your branch.  

11. While doing online payments through ATM mode,  before entering your card details ensure the website address is correct. Read the website address carefully. Enter your card details only on official websites. Do not click links on Emails to make payment. 

12. Change your password frequently after a certain period of time to avoid any misuse.

Stay safe. 

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