Mobile processor: How to the choose best processors in smartphone?

How to choose between the best processors in smartphone?
In Today’s world everyone wants to have a seamlessly fast working smartphone, but what makes a smartphone working fast? Peoples play different types of games, photo shop apps, sometimes many apps that slow down your smartphone, which is sometimes a brainstorming issue.

Today we will discuss about processors which works fast and with the best combination of the GPU. There are many processor making companies around the world which pretend to say that their processors are best. we are well known to us like QUALCOMM Snapdragon, MediaTek, Samsung’s exynos, Huawei’s Hi-Silicon KIRIN, Apple’s own Bionic chip. 

First thing that comes in our mind is that what is a processor?
A processor is an electronic chip which is made to perform Arithmetic and logical operations and executes the operations instructed to do. A processor contains millions of transistors ICs, designed on special architecture and based on VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) technology made on a silicon based semiconductor chip.

How does a processor work?
A processors is based on an architecture, which tells us about the instructions supported by a processor and their byte-level encodings is called an architecture. There are two types of architectures which are 32-bit and64-bit. These architecture differs to each other in many ways in datapath width, integer size and memory address width that the processor is able to work. 

A 64-bit processor can process more data and more memory than a 32-bit processor, now a days 64-bit processor are most commonly and widely used in the smartphone as smartphone have replaced the personal computer to a much extent.

 What makes a processor works fast?
A CPU is made up of processor and every processor is made up of processor core. The number of core means the number of processor a CPU has. Like a quad-core processor has 4 core means it has 4 processor core in the same manner an octa-core processor will have 8 core processor in the single CPU. This simply means the more the core your processor have the faster it is. If both the processor are working with the same clock speed then an octa-core is twice faster than a quad-core. For best user experience and smoothness of the smartphone processor making companies are providing best and latest variant of processors with best GPU so that no lag persist.

Whenever you are buying a smartphone look for the processor with best supported graphics processing unit after that you can choose the best combination of internal storage and RAM for your multitasking. A powerful processor keeps you ahead even your device gets old.
You can visit official site of these processor making companies for more details of their latest processors and their features and their processing speed.

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