YouTube vs tiktok

Youtube Vs Tiktok

The war between youtube and tiktok and gaining popularity in india. 

There are various stories behind it. People are fighting over quality content, creativity and various other things. So many famous you tubers and Tik tikokers engaged in the war and the hastag #youtubevstiktok trands over various social networking platforms. 

So how this war begins, who are behind it. Lets read the article. 

How the war begins:

There are many youtuber who are making roasted videos of tiktokers. One of them Mr Elvish Yadav has posted a roasted video over you tube roosting the tik tokers. He has  roasted tik toker on the basis of their video making, content quality and others. 

Few of the tiktoker like Mr Amit Siddiquie and others have taken it seriously and posted their videos against the same over tiktok and instagram.

Till then response from few more tiktokers came out and they are gaining sympathy from other tiktokers over various social networking website.

The war reached on its peak when the most famous youtuber Carry Minati posted as video over youtube with hastag #youtube vs tiktok: end game roasting one the tiktoker Mr Amir Siddhique. . The video goes viral and has broken various record on you tube. Just in 2-3 day carry minati channel increased with more subscriber of 6-7 millions.


The video has received millions views and is trending over various social platforms. The video received massive supports from various followers of Carry Minati in favour of youtubers. Carry minati has used some remarks over tiktoker like “Mithai ki dukan par le jaunga, 200 Rs main bik jayega”. He has described tiktokers in his unique style.  The tiktokers has taken his statements seriously due to which they have countered it. The video later deleted by you tube due to its controversy.

After video deletion carry minati received huge supports from various celebrities. 

The whole fight is based on content quality. No dubt the tik tok is taking huge popularity in India. And now after this controversy people are demanding for banning tik tok over twitter and other social plateforms. The supporters of youtubers have downgraded tiktok rating to 1.10.   

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